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My 8 year old is on his second Chalazion; I used to get them as a boy myself.  His first resolved within a few weeks, with soaking now and again.  The second, about a year later, is much biger, almost the diameter of a dime, and half as deep.  On about week 3 now, and whether from a small eruption out of it or just the skin stretching, he has some significant scabbing.  

I know the usual advice is to wait and soak it, and this worked for me when I was a boy, but his is much more sizable than I recall.  It is also a bit more redish than I'm used too.

I'm doubtful its big enough to be a threat to his eye -- he claims no discomfort or vision impairment.  Would something like this be treated, or left alone?

It should be treated as it could turn out to develop cellulitis.  The standard treatment is hot soaks, antibiotic or antibiotic-steroid combination drugs, systemic antibiotis (orally) , and as a last resort, excision surgery - an in-office procedure.  Hope this helps   Dr. Ken  

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