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Thank you so much for volunteering your time to help!

Last week I got my first eye infection ever (I'm 32)- swollen, the inside corners were bulging, mucous coming out- it was *gross*. I went to urgent care and was put on cipro drops and an oral antibiotic and have been following the regimen to a T. My eye looks and feels a million times better.

The one issue I've been having is that my eyes are itchy and sometimes they also feel a little dry (which, to me, feels like I have a lost eyelash in there). I called the urgent care this weekend to ask if I could take an over-the-counter drop for these other symptoms and after hours of waiting and calling back, I decided to go to the pharmacy and ask a pharmacist. She said that allergy drops might help but wouldnt recommend w cipro so she suggested lubricating drops. I got those and they do help with dryness but still have itchiness.

I do have allergies and in the past have been on oral med, flonase and patanol. Can you recommend an OTC eye drop that would be ok for me to try? I wont try anything new until I've finished the cipro (today is the last day). I've heard that Visine is bad for eyes so I want something that's healthy, that I can use when needed (and using it wont create a need for it, if that makes sense).

Whew! Sorry for the long-winded question! I don't know a thing about eyes! Except that I'd like to keep mine. and keep them comfortable and capable of seeing. =)

Thank you for your help!!

Hi Kristen,
the over the counter antihistamine drops without the addictive 'red out' ingredient are Zaditor, Alaway, or Claritin Eye drops.  you use them like you were told to use your Patanol.  But first use frequent lubricating drops, as long as they don't sting, then add the antihistamine drop as needed for itching symptoms.  Don't use any drops 10-15 minutes before or after use of the antibiotic or antihistamine to avoid dilution .
Hope that helps.
Mitch Axelrod OD

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