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QUESTION: How often do physicians implement eye hygiene regimens in their practice?

ANSWER: Dear Jeff,

This depends from practice to practice.
However, the guidelines for patients safety are to be strictly followed and are usually monitored. Data is published in Annuals etc.

Hand hygiene is the most significant of all hospital infection control practices.

You may look up the latest statistics online depending on the country you seek information on.
For e.g. the Joint Commission in the USA monitors and publishes useful data that helps doctors.

You may seek specific information  on their website www.jointcommission.org.

Hope this helps

Dr Shroff

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QUESTION: Are there certain products you try and avoid on patients eyes?

Are there certain applications (like foams, lotions, aerosols) that you avoid when working on sensitive areas like the eye?

Thank you.

Dear Jeff,

In a clinical set up, when performing any procedure we use Betadine lotion to make the area sterile. More important is to leave it to dry for 5 minutes to kill the microbes.

I avoid other products.

However, when patients ask me how to clean their skin around the eyes at home, I generally recommend any hypo allergenic soap or face wash of their choice.
Of course post any surgery, they use cotton soaked in boiled water to clean the area around the eyes.

For ladies to clean eye make up, I generally recommend Johnsons Baby No more tears shampoo...just a drop or two in clean water and use cotton soaked in this solution to clean eye make up.

Hope this helps.

Dr Shroff  

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