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I have few questions to ask:
- I have vistreous detachment on right eye  ,i see floater are like a jelly fish floaters that gets in my vue. Do floaters looks like a jelly fish
- also on right eye I had cataract  sergery and inflamation. I use refrersh tears as needed it for both eyes I also use preforte 1 a day. Is the lubricant ok for my eye I had a a cataract sergery or should I use preservative free?
Last question my left eye I see a shape of floater like a sperm shape doctor said isn't nothing . What do you think? Also on my left eye i keep getting  lash inside my lower lid so I remove them with cotton tip gently. Why am I getting the lash in my eye?
Thank you

ANSWER: Lubrication is ok for your eyes and floaters can look like jelly fish, worms, cobwebs, spots, dots,  swirls, etc.  eyelashes fall out normally and so long that they don't irritate your eyes are harmless.  Dr ken

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On my right I had cataract sergery I start using persavative free and left eye I use lubricant refresh tears .is that ok? How can keep my eyes healthy? Like I said before I have vistreous detachment in my right and uveitis I'm only 28 what's the percentage I develop retina detachment. I'm also afraid to develop vistreous detachment in my left eye

Yes it's perfectly ok    Vitreous detachment requires no treatment and there is no prevention of the same.  Retinal detachment on the other hand can develop in 10% of those with pvds    Keeping your eyes healthy begins with routine eye care , eating healthy, exercising , and not smoking.    Hope this helps  

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