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Hello Sir,
  My daughter is 7 yrs old and have high myopic vision. Left eye -7.50 & right eye -4.5. Please help me know how can it be controlled from further increasing and looking at her age n high power I am really worried. I had my lasik done but have little problem with right eye but still  is manageable. Can anything be done for her eyes? Will she be able to get rid of glasses n have a corrected vision.? I really feel helpless when I see her. Please help me know what n how can I take care of her eyes and prevent further Increase of her power . Any medications eg. Drops, exercise and nutrition can help her?
Please help me know. Thanking you.

Dear Pooja,

You should first understand that Myopia is just an error of refraction, it is not a disease. You should not worry too much about this as there is a little you can do about this.

Your daughter is in her growing age and her myopia is likely to increase with age till she reaches 18-20 years.

There is no medication to correct refractive errors. But make sure that she abstain from playing video games on computer and mobile and watching TV for longer then 20-30 minutes at a stretch, encourage her to play out-door games more.

You may try RGP contact lenses for her when she is 13 years old and responsible enough to take care of contact lenses. RGP contact lenses help slow down progression of myopia and might even stop the progression.

When she reaches 21 years of her age there would be many more options for corrective surgeries.  

Optom.Amit Sharma  

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