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I was flushing my eyes out with bottled water (not tap water) ,i placed the bottle into my eye socket then I tilted my head back so the water would go into my eye ,everything was going well i had no pain or stings then about 20 seconds into doing it I felt a really sharp pain in the corner of my eye (the corner close to your nose) ,I was then left with really bad blood shot eyes ,could the water have caused this pain and the bloodshot in my eyes?

Hi Terry,
Water can cause irritation which causes redness and pain. The issue is then did the eye get better or not and why did you need to flush it in the first place?  I hope it is better; if not, you must seek attention from an eye doctor. You can use the water in an urgent situation, but not to soothe an irritated eye..for that use a store bought lubricating drop.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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