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I was wondering how much a person's eyes may vary? Some people seem to have much larger pupils than others, and some people look like they have different shapes for the window to their pupils. Some people have what amounts to a verticle slit, some have diamond shaped openings, I think mine are closer to a hexagonic opening. Some eyes are almost surreal. Does anyone study these differences in appearance? Do they mean anything?

Hi James,
pupil size varies from person to person and sometimes from right eye to left.  Pupils are, however, round unless they are abnormal. corneas as well are very similar but do vary in diameter and curvature somewhat. Slit pupils or pear shaped or D shaped pupils, etc are abnormal either from birth or trauma, etc.  The web is full of good information about ocular anatomy, so start there learning about pupil size and testing as well as corneal curvature and size.  Eye size as well varies but here again, there is a range of normal and then abnormal.  The eyes are interesting and amazing, thanks for your interest.  Read up and you will find tons of information about the eyes.
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