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My mom is 54 yr old. She is diabetic. She has hypothyroidism. She has osteoarthritis of both the hips. 2 months ago, she had swelling of her legs and welling persisted for nearly 15 days, with unbearable pain near ankle. As she has pain on her left knee, she is termed to have arthritis on knee and ankle too. Her serum creatinine level of 0.7. She has long sightedness and can't read without wearing glass. Had consulted ophthalmologist and confirmed that she doesn't have glaucoma or any other.

Main problem with the left eye is getting too smaller (may be drooping eyelid) on focusing for long time or getting excited. that time, that eye becomes slightly watery, red in color and she develops squint.

Am much worried, as this 'left eye being smaller' and other relevant symptoms, detailed above, are becoming regular part of her life: almost all time.

Why is this happening?
What could be future complications of this - will eye get fully shut, develop glaucoma/cataract?
What shall be done to avoid this?

Dear Bragadeesh,

It is highly likely that the 'drooping eyelid' is a result of thyroid disease.

The eye does not develop any disease because of this such as what you mention (cataract, glaucoma).

However, one needs to be certain of the cause, so a visit to a good eye specialist would help.

To treat this condition, again, we need to find the cause.

Even if an eye lid surgery is recommended, one needs to ascertain if the same is going to be useful for her.

My suggestion is to visit a good eye clinic.

If in Mumbai, we shall be happy to assisit.

Dr Shroff

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