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Hello I recently bought rx sunglasses with uva protection and polarization. After a day of wearing them out in the sun my eyes hurt. It felt like an aching/stinging and almost feels like the pain is behind the eye. I went back and they took off the "polarization" but kept the tint/uva. They didn't hurt as much anymore but I still feel aching. Do my eyes need to get use to the sunglasses or is something wrong. My prescription is -2.00 sph in both eyes and I dont feel any pain with my regular eyeglasses. Thanks for your advice.

Hi Arnold,
If the prescription is the same, and only the sunglasses cause the problem, then it isn't the prescription.  But there is more to the glasses then the prescription, so first  make sure the position/placement/adjustment is the same including the horizontal and vertical placement of the lenses' optical centers.  Then consider if the frame or lenses are contaminated and chemically irritating the eyes. or there is a defect in the lenses' optics like aberrations, wave distortion, etc.  Even a pressure point from the nose or temple pieces can cause pains or referred pains.  So there is a lot of work to be done by the optician before you think about a simple -2 prescription.  No need to get used to trouble.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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