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Failed Vision Fields Test. Twice.?
I had the test in the opticians yesterday and failed in my right eye and did so again in the right eye after doing the test again in 10 mins. the optician says that i'm to come back in and do the rest next week but i'm worried that there's something really wrong with me now. what's strange is that i failed in different places on both times as i caught ones that i had missed previously, then missed other ones. i've had a viral infection so i've been unwell with headaches generally. terrified that these are connected. when i was taking the test i found that the screen was blurry pretty quickly in my right eye and it made me struggle to identify if what i had seen were lights to be clicked or just in my imagination....

also i failed in my eye which has the poorest sight -60 and i have amblyopia in that eye and an astigmatism (not sure which eye or both)


Hi Nick.  You should relax.  As a new 'test taker' with visual fields testing, the early results are often useless. As you've already described, the same test on the same eye 10 min apart are different, and both probably wrong. the eye probably got dry at times blurring the test and caused variability.  your nervousness also adds to the test taking errors. The amblyopia will cause variation and subnormal results.  That's what amblyopia is.
 the real question is 'what is suspected' and what is the reason for the test. Visual fields are defective in typical ways for various eye/brain problems.  The cause and the result need to match, otherwise you have garbage.  So relax, don't expect an amblyopic eye to be normal, and don't expect normal and repeatable results until you get better at the test.  The instrument also mattes as there are better and worse visual field machines. If a brain problem is suspected then an MRI or CT scan is in order; if an eye problem is suspected, there are useful new ways to image and quantify the optic nerve that can find problems before a visual field defect shows up.

Hope that helps,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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