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QUESTION: I got my lasik surgery done on 22 jun.my power was -5.0 ain roght eye and -5.5 in left eye with minor cyl power too.My doctor says my vision is 6/6 after surgery but i still have issues.my vision is blurred especially when i am working on my laptop.Also, i have occasional headaches and related issues. Is this normal? If yes, how soon will i recover?

ANSWER: Dear Prerna,

22nd June is just 4 days post LASIK as of today.
It is absolutely normal to face issues related to focusing and blurred vision and also fluctuations.
Give yourself some more time and you will notice that as days pass, the symptoms will decrease.

Important however, is to get yourself slowly back into work, taking frequent breaks when on the PC, using the eye drops as prescribed, increasing the lubricating ones if on the PC for long.

We also prescribe special glasses to overcome computer fatigue. Hope you have that lined up.

If in Mumbai, you may let us know if you need help with these.

this will help your vision in the long run by avoiding the side effects of the PC usage.


Dr Anand Shroff
Shroff Eye Hospital Mumbai
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QUESTION: Thanx a lot sir.
I am not using any glasses while working on PC but will definitely buy them asap.
I had another query. i sometimes, unconsciously, rub my eyes during sleep. can anything be done for that?

ANSWER: Dear Prerna,

The rubbing of the eyes could be an indication of some allergy that happens at night, else a habit that you have to break.

Allergies need to be looked into.

Otherwise, just use a simple lubricaton eye drop like Refresh Tears just before bedtime and see if that helps avoid the itch.

Dr Shroff

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Its been a month since i got operated.
I can see clearly when in daylight but i still face this haziness problem in room light esp. during evenings.
I also have this problem when i look at a light source ,e.g. a street light..is this normal?

Hi Prerna,

Yes, it is normal to see slightly hazy at night esp when looking at light sources.
Make sure that you use some lubricating eye drop in the evening.

And check final vision only after 3 months are complete as vision can keep improving till then.

Dr Shroff

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