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QUESTION: Hello I recently bought rx sunglasses with uva protection and polarization. After a day of wearing them out in the sun my eyes hurt. It felt like an aching/stinging and almost feels like the pain is behind the eye. I went back and they took off the "polarization" but kept the tint/uva. They didn't hurt as much anymore but I still feel aching. Do my eyes need to get use to the sunglasses or is something wrong. My prescription is -2.00 sph in both eyes and I dont feel any pain with my regular eyeglasses. Thanks for your advice.

ANSWER: Dear Amo,

Wrap around or big Prescription sunglass lenses needs to be ASPHERIC on both surfaces to minimize peripheral aberrations that causes eye strain, and Polarized lenses are required to be fitted at a particular angle to allow rays to pass through from horizontal angle.

Polarized lenses are to be fitted at a particular angle, If the angle is not correct, you may get headache and eye strain.

Prescription Sunglasses are generally more curved (wrap around types) , wrap around or big  prescription sunglass lenses without aspheric optics causes eye strain due to peripheral aberrations.

Optom.Amit Sharma

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QUESTION: Thank you for the reply. I canceled the polarization on the sunglasses. They no longer have polarization but are still tinted/uva. I am still getting some pain even without the polarization. Do the UVA lenses also have to be curved like the polarized?

Dear Amo,

UVA lenses and Spherical power do not require any angle but Optical centration is important.
Reason for your discomfort could be decentration of lenses or aberrations due to too much curve of the lenses.
Lenses should be aspheric if the sunglasses are wrap around type or are big with more then 6D of base curve.

Optom.Amit Sharma

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