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Today I was given this test for the first time in my 50+ years of wearing glasses. I saw the horizontal rod below the white dot in my right eye only. Two weeks ago I experienced right-sided facial numbness, some of which remains. Four days in hospital resulted in negative CT and MRI of the head, normal echocardiogram, and normal carotid ultrasound. I was told I had an atypical migraine by the neurologist, that there was no sign of a stroke. The ophthalmologist today told me I had suffered a slight stroke in my right eye. Is this an accurate interpretation of the Maddox Rod Test?

The Maddox Rod Test is merely used for the determination of heterophoria or tropia  that is ,muscle alignment dysfunction .   The deviation of the eyes can contribute to Diplopia or double vision   One of the possible causes is stroke.  Other causes are tumors, aneurysm, lesions, MS, diabetes for example.    Hope this helps.   Dr ken  

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