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For about a week when I wake up in the morning and sometimes during the night I see red silhouettes in both of my eyes. They are centered in the field of vision of both of my eyes and i would guess they are obstructing about fifteen or twenty percent of my vision. The silhouettes are not consistent with each other and it is almost like looking at blood sample slide as far as color and consistency. When I get out of bed and turn lights on and began moving around the red silhouettes go away although their may be a small amount of blur in my vision for a short time.
My optometrist looked at my retina and did not see any problem and said it could be a ocular migraine. Can you please give me your opinion. Thank you for your valuable time.

Dear Drew,

Firstly, if the retinal examination has been done and is clear, that is good news.
Even if it is ocular migraine, if the symptoms settle down, there is no active treatment for the same.

The signs can lean towards a retinal diagnosis, and that it has been ruled out means that there is nothing to worry about.

Now, although the symptoms may be annoying, it is up to you to find out what triggers the symptoms.

It is possible that you are seeing an image of the retina when in the dark and concentrating too hard on the vision.
If these symptoms fade away in the daylight, then it is possible that you may just be focusing on some retinal image. To give you an example, when you face a flashbulb of the camera, you still perceive the image for a while. Though this is not abnormal, it can worry or raise a question in the mind of some.

I think that you wait and watch for a while and hopefully it will settle down.

Since your eyes have been examined and certifed fit, choose to ignore this for a while.

Hope this helps,


Dr Shroff  

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