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I got eyelash extension four days ago. On Saturday morning, I woke up with one eye glued shut. Both eyes were blurry and stinging. I cleaned it up, used warm water to remove the lashes. My eyes continued to bother me all day. Last night they were itching so of course, I scratched. I also noticed some rough bumps on the inside of my eyelid that scratched every time I blinked. I used a cloth with warm water and was able to remove some of the bumps, so I am guessing it was glue that made its way into my eye. Today my eyeballs are burning and red. The skin around my eyes is red, puffy, burning, and itchy. I have had some relief with cold packs and washing the area with cool water. I put some neosporin around my eyes to soothe the skin. My question is: since this is continuing to improve slightly, can you recommend any other remedies to try today (if no improvement tomorrow, I am going to a doctor). Thank you for any advice.

It indeed sounds like you sustained a hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to the adhesive.  The treatment is to wash the adhesive off the kids with warm water, Compton balls or Q TIP. Then apply an antibacterial-steroid cream after the application of cool compresses to reduce redness, discomfort and inflammation.  See an eye doctor fir treatment and forget about lash extensions.   You can however apply Latisse regularly to thicken and darken your own eyelashes.   Good luck.   Dr. KEN  

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