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Hello Dr. Shroff

I had a question about the causes of myopia.  I hear that increases in blood sugar can affect eyesight.  If this is true, then how big of a role does one's diet play in the development of myopia, since some foods can cause a spike in blood sugar?

I am not diabetic but I did recently have LASIK and am trying to prevent my eyesight from regressing.  Plus, for some reason my vision seems to be even clearer after a few days of going light on carbs.

Thank you."

Dear Christopher,

The main cause of myopia is the inherent shape of your eyeball, mostly hereditary in nature and not likely to increase after age 18 or 20 years. Any changes later on are due to lifestyle, esp computer and increased near work.

Post LASIK, the most important thing to do to keep numbers at bay, is take frequent breaks on your PC.

Other issues such as diabetes, blood pressure will affect your retina and not your myopia.
Yes, one needs to lead a healthy lifestyle for these as well.

There is no diet specific to decrease myopia.

If eating a specific diet helped you, it may be an overall effect of 'feeling good" with the same. In your case, if the LASIK has been done anytime in past 3 months, eyes will conitune to heal in any case, so this could be coincidental.

no harm in following a good diet.
But pay close attention to the computer work. Read on www.shroffeye.org how to reduce stress on your eyes from computers.

Dr Shroff

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