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Hi there...I had a bad episode of RCE...ended up in emerg...had no idea what this was...although I had been to an optometrist 3 times prior with this issue...that day was severe...I'm 36...had a bandage contact lens put in place for 3 weeks along with some anti-inflammatory drops...I've had lasik about 12 yrs ago...and this just came on suddenly..no known injury to the eye...my question is...its been almost 3 months now, with no episodes...but my vision is still quiet blurry...they say the epithelium is all healed now..but the blurry vision has not changed! My question is how long do you think I should wait before considering a puncture or laser surgery...also I cannot rub my eye like the other...I have to be very careful otherwise it can be painful? Any advice would be helpuful...

Hi Bal,
You need to have the cause of the blurriness investigated.  if the epithelium is healed perhaps there is some remaining corneal edema, or perhaps the corneal topography has changed, etc.  so usually if the epith stays attached and tight then no need for further treatment.  Usually they recommend ointment at night and frequent lubricating drops.  without pain or recurring erosions I would wait.
Hope that helps,
Mitch Axelrod, OD  

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