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I have retinal degeneration and my doctor advised not to exercises like bungee jump, jogging. Are there other things that I should avoid?

Should I avoid doing a taxi driver job? (driving everyday full time 9 to 12 hours)
Would vibrations/shocks of the moving vehicle worsen the retinal degeneration?

Do I need to avoid doing push ups or weight lifting?

This is the memo written by the eye doctor when she wanted to refer me to a specialist:
"Findings: Retinal degeneration at interior retina (OU)"

The eye specialist mention about symptoms of detachment, and told me to watch out for floaters, or flashes, or something like a curtain blocking the vision. The eye specialist told me there is lots of degeneration on the side.

I am 30 years old male.


ANSWER: Dear Will,

Retinal degeneration is not an uncommon findings, esp in those with myopia.

All this means is that the retina (a wall-to-wall carpeting of the internal eye) is weak. If the degeneration is a lot, an Argon Laser treatment is also considered.
This weak area has a risk of detachment (the carpet getting separated from the wall.

Now, reasons which we know that can cause the detachment are activities which cause heavy movement of that area, increased pressure on that area etc.
Hence, activities which would "bob or bounce" your head a lot or trauma to the head, should be avoided. This goes for playing rough football, heading the ball,rapid jumps etc.

You can surely drive, but when you see any potholes, drive slowly to avoid the bumps.

Now, in spite of all precautions, you may still want to know what i should be looking for to know that something has happened inside my eye...that something which you look for would be floaters, black shadows, flashes of light etc.

So, the doctor you saw has given you the correct advise, but maybe you did not understand the reason behind the same.

Many people live their entire life without any untoward incident, so do not panic. Just be on top of things and do go for an annual retinal examination

I hope the above explanation helps you.

Best Regards,
Dr Anand Shroff

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QUESTION: Does heavy weight lifting or doing push up cause increase pressure to the eye? Do I need to avoid weight lifting or push up?

Is retinal degeneration same as vitreous degeneration?

Thank you very much.

Dear Will,

Retina, like explained earlier is the wall-to-wall carpeting of the inside of eye ball, while vireous is the fluid which occupies the space.
The degeneration of both is anatomically different.

Lifting heavy weights can cause the pressure in the eye to change. Advise to lift small weights instead. Simple slow push ups should be fine.


Dr Shroff

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