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Hi, when my son was 5 he had -.50, and every year it gets much worse. He is now 9 and in April it was -3.75 and -2.75. Yesterday he asked me the time and I told him to just read it on the cable box and he couldn't. It is about 1/2 in letters 10 ft away if that matters, I wear glasses as well and I can read it and about 6ft further. I'm taking him back for a check up but my question is, is this a normal progression? It seems to be getting bad quickly since four years ago. I'm worried about how much worse it can get and if maybe there is something wrong with his eyes or overall health. The Dr at his last check up said his eye health seems good or he would be worried more, and he said if they drop another point (I say point because I forget the term) then we might look into permanent contacts to keep his eye from changing? That makes me super nervous, he would only be ten their going to have to grow & change right?
Thank you for your time.

Progressive myopia is hereditary and often time the offspring have stronger prescriptions than the parents .  The largest changes occur usually between the ages if 8- 16 when the front to back dimension of the eye increases fractionally.  I mm of growth represents 3  dioptors  of .change which represents a blur equivalent to 20/200.     The treatments are eyeglasses, contact lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses to halt the progression , orthokeratology , and when he stops growing and changing, refractive surgery like LASIK.   Hope this helps. Dr ken  

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