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When my glasses broke I went a week without them. By the end of the week, although I couldn't see the numbers on the clock clearly I could see the general shape of the numbers. Also I could see the print on the shampoo bottle by squinting. After wearing my glasses all day when I got them fixed I noticed the next morning, before putting the glasses on, that I couldn't see anything but a white blur when looking at the clock and couldn't make anything out on the shampoo bottle no matter how much I squinted.  Does this all mean that my glasses are too strong? Shouldn't I be able to see as well after wearing the glasses as I had before I started wearing them?

Hi Deborah,
Maybe.  Hard to say because you get better at 'blur interpretation' without clear vision.  the part that makes me unsure is that squinting should help no matter if your glasses are weak, strong, or off; so it may be that your brain just takes longer to make sense out of blur given its recent exposure and expectation of clearness via glasses.  If you go to the doctor and express your concern, he can show you by adding lenses in front of your glasses what weakening them would look like..if it doesn't degrade the image than your glasses are too strong.  
hope that explanation 'clears' things up.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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