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several months ago, I had bright white streaking in my vision upon waking from a nap.  I went to the emergency room, fearing a retinal detachment, but the ophthalmologist on call said that my retina was intact and that I just had (normal aging) posterior vitreal detachment.  I'm 55 years old and very nearsighted (-9 diopters).  He said it was good I came in, but all was well.

About a month later, he examined my eyes in the office.  I have a few small new floaters, a lot of "cobweb" kind of stuff, but my eye is doing pretty well.  The biggest question I have is that I now often see a bunch of dark dots with each pulse of my heartbeat, especially the more active I am.  If I've been riding a bike or walking a lot (anything that raises my pulse or blood pressure), the pulse is annoyingly present with each beat of my heart.

I asked the optometrist, then the ophthalmologist about it.  Both said, "I don't know what it is, but it's probably nothing to worry about".

My maternal grandmother had a stroke in her eye when she was 42 and became blind from it.

Perhaps it IS nothing to worry about, but I guess I fear that when I'm very active, perhaps the blood vessels are having a problem and I don't want a hemorrhage.

Are you able to tell me if this is a normal occurrence after PVD?  I have it only in this eye and never had it prior to the vitreous detachment.

Thanks so very much....

You're symptom is not unusual so long that you're blood pressure remains normal .  This all should dissipate in time    PVD s are very common and can cause floaters, spots,, cobwebs, flashes , etc   If you get many more of them along with flashes and hazy vision, see your eye doctor immediately.  Dr Berger  

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