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Last night I took some pictures of my 18 month old daughter. Today I decided to upload them on my computer when I noticed something odd. Most of the pictures her eyes look very normal but in a few of the pictures (around four photos) I noticed that one was red eyed and the other one was normal. I'm aware that the flash of the camera can cause this reaction but what caught my attention is that the same eye is the red eye and the other one is normal. Looking back on old pictures of her I noticed that It has happened before but in less pictures. I have heard many horror stories and now I'm worried. From what I see It doesn't reflect white and I haven't noticed anything before today, her eyes seem ok. It this normal? Should I be concerned? Attached you will find a photo. Thank you in advance for your help.

Dear Diana,

As you know that flash of a camera reflected from retina of the eye is captured by the camera if the eye and camera fall in the same line. But if one eye is focusing at the  camera and the other eye is not in the same line due to Strabismus/Squint  you see only one red eye in the photo.

Other reason is when the light is not being reflected back from the retina due to cataract or some retinal ailment.

I think you should get her eyes examined by your eye doctor to find out the exact cause.
But please do not panic as both the problems are curable.

Optom.Amit Sharma

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