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Hi Mitchell,

Good day to you.

I would like to have ask you about my nephew's case. He is just around 2 months old (03NOV, 2013). He was delivered with C-Section after around 8.5 months pregnancy. At the time of birth, his eyes seems to be perfect due to which we haven't noticed his eye ball size. Now it is very obvious that one of his eye is defected or of small size. Is it any possibility this will become normal by the time or do we need to have immediate treatment for this. We are very afraid to take any treatment for this due to his age. Attached pics for your kind perusal. Need your kind support in this please.



Hi Jahanzaib,
I think Shahrukh needs to see his doctor and probably a pediatric ophthalmologist to have the eyes examined and cause for the asymmetry determined.  The photos aren't adequate to diagnose anything but the difference is substantial and by your history is increasing, not stable. There are several possibilities and some require treatment.  Do make the appropriate appointments as soon as you can.
Best and Happy New year.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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