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My Husband(35yrs old) has some floaters observed 2 days back in his right eye. He has eye sight of -7.5 and -6.5 in his right and left eyes. Retinal tears are observed in his right and left eyes. He got his laser treatment done immediately. My worry is does this retinal tears increase as the time goes on. Does this laser treatment stops further tears in his eyes... what are the chances of retinal detachment after the tear? Does any food habits like carrots and leafy veggies will improve his vision. How does these floaters go away? Please answer me Sir. I am very much worried about his vision.

Dear Gowri,
Most high myopes have thin retina and are susceptible to retinal tears and holes. Yes, the best line of treatment or rather first line of treatment is Argon laser.
Once the area has an Argon laser done, that area has fibrosis and usually tears do not recur in that same location.
However, if the laser is not done, it would lead to a retinal tear or a detachment in future.

Most important for you to know is that new holes or areas of weakness can develop, and hence he should be doing a dilated eye examination every 10 -12 months.

Food or nutrition are not to contribute to this, but the inherent nature of his thin retina which cannot change.

yes, he can take certain precautions to avoid retinal detachment which is a major emergency...
not to ride bumpy roads, on buses which give jerks to the head. not to play contact sports where chances of head injury are high, not to take roller coaster or bungee jumping as all the activities have high chance of jerky head movement, which if severe can cause the retina to detach.

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