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So about 3 years ago my son started complaining of headaches well as best as a 4 year old could his pediactric doctor figured it was allergies so time goes on and the headaches become more regular to the point hes crying my head hurts mom .off and on once he started school I had his eyes checked ....come to find out not allergies at all OD was -3.25 -1.75 020  and his OS was -3.00 -0.50 175 .....but the only explanation i got was his eye sight wasn't to good .....nothing of to what degree etc..... this year hes had some  trouble at school, they said hes not up to there standards, academically ...ok hes 7 what are theses standards .....hes  failing all subjects ...ok so 2 days ago he broke is 3rd pair of glasses so we go to eye doctor and I was just trying to connect the dots,why or where are all this difficulties my son is having  coming from, if you talk to my son verbally hes very smart so I wanted his eyes checked again and today October 15 th made his 1 year any ways of today his OD IS -4.25 -1.00 020 and OS -.4.75 -1.25 172 today they tell his vision is worse and they want to see him every 6 months now .....can you please explain to me just how much of a difference this is from last years exam and just how bad it is they made it sound like its pretty significant ......but compared to what is my son going to be blind one day i mean hes 7 years old ...they just said yes if it doesn't level out as he gets older ...please any info would be appreciated I"m not sure just how bad those numbers are ...should i take him to a specialist, as a professional what should be my next move , how severe is this change. ...very confused and concerned

Progressive myopia which apparently your son has, is not unusual in youngsters.  In most Cases this is hereditary with family members having similar condition.  Rarely does anyone
Lose their vision permanently from this condition.  amblyopia or lazy eye , can affect vision more than simple myopia or myopia astigmatism .  Furthermore. So long as his eyes are healthy, a specialist is really not necessary . Any competent eye care physician , optometrist or ophthalmogist, can ascertain if his eyes are healthy or if any eye disease is present.   Hope this helps.  Dr Berger  

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