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I am a 72 year old male,that was formerly slightly farsighted,with some astigmatism.Had glasses for these conditions ,but now have been prescribed glasses for nearsightedness.The new prescription is, -1.00 with a reading add of + 3.50.
Since wearing the new glasses for only a few weeks,I am quite dependent on them.Would this be considered a strong prescription for adult myopia?
Can you tell me more about Adult onset myopia,and does the prescription get stronger over time,as it does with younger people?
Thank you for any info you may provide.

Adult onset myopia is generally the cause of nuclear sclerosis that is the increased density and thickness of the crystalline lens of the eye . This generally occurs with the aging process and is the precursor of cataract formation. your prescription is not strong and is quite common. Regular eye check ups will determine if your condition is progressive or stable.    Dr Berger  

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