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QUESTION: I have foggy, cloudy vision lasting for a few minutes after taking off my new eyeglasses.

I am very nearsighted and these are high-index single vision lenses.

I know this happens to people after taking off their contact lenses due to a lack of oxygen reaching their eyes. But what could be the reason for this happening with eyeglasses?

I don't have this problem with my old glasses, only with my new ones. These new glasses also don't feel as comfortable. When I wear them I have some eye strain and I lack proper focus in both eyes.

Thank you.

As I don't know anything about you, your prescriptions or lens info, I can't know anything except to say it can't be serious or a lack oxygen.  Perhaps a call to the place that made the glasses or your doctor will start a useful troubleshooting process.
Best of luck,
Mitch Axelrod,OD

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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply.

Do you know if an incorrect Pupillary Distance could cause foggy, cloudy vision after removing the eyeglasses? Or could it perhaps be that I've suddenly developed astigmatism and don't know it yet?

Or could this happen simply with glasses whose lenses aren't a right fit with your vision and so the strain on the eyes creates this fogginess when you take them off?

They are distance lenses for myopia, my prescription is -7.00. And the lenses are regular single vision 1.67 high index plastic lenses.

Hi Jen,
fogginess is not a word usually associated with pd or astigmatism or eyestrain or fit. if it is your way of describing blur, then it could be any of those things, however.  Fogginess usually is associated with glare or poor optics. Or if the condition exists all the time it can be internal to the eye. As you notice it after removing the glasses and not while wearing them, it is hard to tell what you are noticing.  Again, you should go back to the prescribing doctor, bring the glasses, and discuss the symptoms.
Best regards,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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