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QUESTION: dr berger,I have dry eye caused by blocked oil glands.the doctor wanted to give me ant-biotic eye ointment.i refused,i don't want anti-biotics in my body.i currently use refresh eye drops and use a ointment that is anti-biotic free.my symptons are tearing,and feeling like something in my eye.i don't have blurry vision,just tearing and feeling like sand in my eye.in the morning I wash my eyes with Johnson baby shampoo diluated to ger ointment out of my eyrlashes.I don't think this condition leads to vision loss as long as I use artificial tears and put ointment at night on eye lashsa.I am admant against anti-biotics because this is chronic and those anti-biotics give you c-diff and all kinds of problems.chances of vision loss with this?

ANSWER: You obviously have dry eyes syndrome and the protocol is artificial tears application frequently during the stay hot compresses on the eyelashes five or six times per day and I bland anabiotic ointment like clarithromycin appointment for bacitracin appointment so that we keep the bacteria count downThe antibiotic is harmless and very very rarely has any adverse affects and is not systemically absorbed but is locallized on the eyelashes.  Dr Berger

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QUESTION: what is the actual fact about dry eyes from plugged up oil glands and loss of vision.some eye doctors say dry eye does not cause vision loss others say dry eye causes  vision loss

If untreated, uncontrolled dry eyes contribute to corneal erosions, corneal ulcers, scarring, infection etc., loss of vision can occur  but this is rare and the exception rather than the rule . This is precisely why we treat the number 1 eye disease in the world aggressively. Hope this helps. Dr Berger  

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