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Shane wrote at 2014-10-31 16:18:53
As a follow-up to my question posting: On 10/24 I went to see my eye doctor (O.D.). He did a full exam and immediately (5:00pm Friday)referred me to a retinal M.D. who took pictures inside my eye and did an ultrasound of my eye. He diagnosed me with Choroidal Melanoma (ICD 190.6). In the last 4 days I have visited my primary care MD, had lab tests and both a MRI of my head and a CT of my chest and abdomen. In researching this I see that through rare 4-6 in a million, I am right-on for the typical patient - blue eyes, fair skin, approaching 60yo. Though I have not gotten the results of the lab or imaging, I am hopeful that the radiation treatment the retinal MD spoke of will successfully treat the cancer and allow me to keep my eye. Note that other than the white floater I wrote about, I could see fine in that eye. It is a shame that the treatment will likely cause me to loose most of the sight in that eye. But at least I now know what is causing my problem. I do not know how much better off I would have been if I had immediately gone to my eye doctor when the symptoms first appears many weeks ago. But this has occurred since my last eye doctor appointment with my O.D. a year ago. I hope that this post is helpful to someone else and that they do not delay seeing their doctor when even a seemingly "minor" change occurs in their vision. Shane.  

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