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Hello Doctor,

I am a 26 yrs old myopic male . 4 yrs back i was diagnosed lattices in my retina in lower portion when i complaint of floaters. I am periodically following up but have not been advised laser treatment till now. I use to see a lot of floaters on eye movement and water like visual disturbances when i use to move my eyes. It seems that my viterous has got loosen up or has got degenerated and at times is very annoying. Doctors mainly use to see my retinal conditions and don't say much about these visual disturbances. I am more concerned about these disturbances and how to get rid of them. I have heard about 'Vitrectomy' will it be fine in my case? Is there any treatment or do i need to cope with them life long? Can I do gyming and other physical activities normally or will the affect my retine? Kindly provide me your valuable consultation for same.


Vitreous floaters are not uncommon, especially in myopic degeneration with lattice . As long as your retina is intact with no tears or detachment, treatment is not usually necessary . Floaters can be very annoying but in most cases need no treatment or therapy, however in certain cases, where they are visually disturbing and affect the quality of life, treatment can be undertaken. Vitrectomy , where the entire fluid contents of the eye is removed and replaced with a saline solution , is one choice - however you undertake higher risk of retinal detachment. Another choice is vitreolysis , lasering the floaters and pulverizing them so they are imperceptible . Only a handful of specialists do this procedure however.  Hope this helps you out.   Dr Berger

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