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I have read the many posts on floaters (little lines or lint type things you see "float" across your eyes), and white circles. But I want to be sure that what these are talking about are really what I am experiencing. It began several weeks ago, I am 57yo male. As I am doing any of my regular things, suddenly a white spot, similar to a round white punch-out from a hole punch of white paper, will drop down from the top of my field of vision and move back up, sometimes there is a slight left to right movement of the spot. The spot takes up about 20% of my sight as if your eye sight is circular and a hole punch is taken out of the top of the circle of sight. From what I have read here, could it be a flap of something disconnecting in my eye and then moving back into place? Or am I just experiencing your typical floater? Thanks for your advise.

Hi Shane,
It doesn't sound like the typical floater.  It also doesn't sound like the typical 'flash' but still it is likely one or the other.  It could be what call 'photopsia' which I a subset of flash-like symptoms. You may be having an impending vitreous detachment or retinal break as you hint at, so you do need to be examined and monitored until the symptoms goes away or it goes on for long enough to be less concerning, generally several months. So find any eye doctor and they will likely dilate your pupils and reassure and monitor your.  Meanwhile, if he symptom increases, be seen immediately.
Mitch Axelrod,OD

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