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I got a new pair of glasses The next day my eyes were irritated swollen. This went on for about a week. I have dry eye issue, Ok i went to the doctor was told severe dry eyes use the drops..almost 2 weeks later back to doctor. She then says we will check perscription. So got new lenses..took about 10 days.still had issues for about 2 more weeks.. All ok
after 3 months of the day i got these glasses the frames broke. Had to have them replaced.. Same thing happened, the next day sebear burning swollen eyes, headache and nauseous. I called for manufacturer info there was none..I investigated..I called OSHA it was explained to me that plastics have what is called "off-gassing" and need a well ventilated area.. Being plastic frames and the lenses blocking air circulation to the eyes, could be causing "off-Gassing" reaction to the eyes.
In none of these blogs do I see the Question What type of glasses are they? Metal or PLastic?   
Could there be be some kind of correlation here.. And not dry eye or a lens curvature.

Hi Jannoel,
I hear stories like this occasionally, so I don't doubt it. You would of course also consider any new makeup or nail polish etc.  I would hope the place that sold you the glasses could help contact the sales rep from the frame/lens company to consider the issue or do research.
Hope it doesn't happen again.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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