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My niece who is 18 c/o blurred vision on Monday. She went to eye dr.and retinal dr. who dx her with CRVO.Don't know if it is ischemic on nonischemic. Needless to say they said they have never seen this in someone her age. She can only make out a few letters on chart. No history of clotting issues in the family but her father had MI at 42. She does not have high blood pressure ,healthy , not on birth control . They say all she can do is wait n see if she gets any vision back. My sister is beside herself worried it can happen again or in other eye. Noone has any answers and say there is no treatment. They are running all sorts of blood tests and clotting factors. Is there anything at all we can do besides pray for her??? supplements??

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She is rather Young for a central retinal vein occlusion . if there is irreparable vision damaged as a result then
there's usually a poor outcome especially if the vision doesn't return within 1 to 2 months. but there's always hope . keep checking with a retina specialist on a regular basis to see if they're are any breakthroughs.  Good

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