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My son is 17  and has been wearing contacts for about five years. He has pretty bad astigmatisms in both eyes and near sighted. He wears Acuvue Oasis for astigmatism and has worn them for about three years. He has allergies so he never usually gets more than about a week or so out of them before they bother him but lately he is complaining of really bad dry scratchy eyes after new ones are only in a few days. He is taking a break from his contacts and  wearing his glasses. His eyes aren't red or anything. What could be causing this sudden dryness ?? Could it be hormones? Have you heard anything about the Focus Dailies Toric? Would love to switch him to daily wear but acuvue too expensive. I'm trying to get him through until January when my insurance will pay for new exam. Thank you for any input you can give me.


hi Marianne,
I doubt it is simple dryness.  It sounds like a solution sensitivity or eye problem more significant than dryness.  He should see his eye doctor so the eye can be examined with the microscope and also delve into the solution and regimen he is using. He doesn't need new contacts or a contact lens exam, he needs an office visit to have the current eye problem evaluated.
Hope it gets all better,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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