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Hello. I am 48 years old. I have a few questions about eyelashes and other objects that may enter the eye. I also have a history of floaters and flashers.

1 - I sometimes see an eyelash floating on my eyeball when I look in a mirror but do not feel it. It is my understanding it will and can only stay on the front side of the eye, maybe bury itself under the eyelids but not go to the backside of the eye or otherwise enter the body. Is this true?

2 - What about dust from food particles? I often get the dust left in a bag of cereal fly up into my face and enter my eyes. Would these particles also eventually work themselves out or stay under the eyelids?

3 - What about other thing like glitter or small metal specs from the edge of a paper clip or other metal object?

I once found a piece of plastic from my sunglasses in my eye, in the eyelid area. I reached in and took it out. Would that have entered my body?

4 - finally, if there were a tiny spec of metal under the eyelid would that pose a problem if an an MRI were given for another body part such as neck or spine?

1. Yes
2.  Either case scenario can occur
3. No  it stays within the eyeball socket.  
4.  No an MRI could be performed however 99% of metal foreign bodies would present with symptoms of pain, scratchiness, light sensitivity , tearing and redness. So you would naturally go to an eye are professional to have it removed

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