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I just had my first eye exam and I was told I need glasses. I had noticed that I was having trouble reading the board during class so I expected that I would probably need glasses. Here is the prescription he gave me:
OD: -2.50 DS
OS: -1.75 -0.50 x 170
I was just planning on wearing glasses during class but when I went to pick them up the person at the optical store was surprised that I never had glasses before. He said that it was a pretty strong prescription for a first pair and I should wear them all the time. Is this really a strong prescription and do I really need to wear these glasses all the time? Also do you have any suggestions for adjusting to wearing glasses?

hi Andrew,
it isn't a strong rx, but it is necessary for distances beyond several feet if you want clarity. as you get older your rx may probably increase and you would wear them all the time to avoid the trouble of on/off hassles.  it's just that your near vision without glasses is excellent so you don't benefit from them at near.  the answer is to wear them as you wish when you want to see better.  you'll have to for driving.  there is no worry about correlating the glasses use with future change or stability so experiment with them and likely keep them on except for reading or other close work.
Mitch Axelrod,OD

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