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Dear Doctor,
My son is 13yrs old and is suffering with Astigmatism for the past 5yrs. Doctor said that there is no permanent cure for this and has to wear the spectacles for the entire life. Is there any new treatment for this inIndia? If so is there in tamil nadu? Pls clarify.


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Hi Suresh,

There is definitely a treatment for Astigmatism ! It is called Laser Vision Correction - LASIK !

It is one of the safest and most commonly performed eye surgery in the world !

But as of now I would not advise it. It can be done only after the age of 18 years, that too after the eye number has stabilized.

Right now I would suggest your son to wear glasses, have his eyes checked every 6-12 months and think about LASIK after his turns 18 years !


Dr Jay Goyal
Surya Eye Institute


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