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QUESTION: I had a detached retina  7/2013. had surgery. Had laser and a buckle. Just had a cataract removed from that eye 1 1/2 weeks ago. I am having flickering in my eyes. It started about 4-5 days after the cataract removal. Sometimes it's just the one eye  I had surgery in and sometimes both. it seems to be when I wake up and go from light to dark. It does go away. And then returns in light change. I saw my retina Dr and he said the retina looks great. I do not have head ache. (ocular migraine) Can you please help?

ANSWER: Hi Donna,

it seems your eye has been through a lot in da past 6 months ! As long as you are seeing well...no worries.

Whenever a surgery is performed in the eye or any other organ of the body, the local tissues are disturbed.

In our eye the Conjunctival goblet cells are responsible to produce mucus which helps keep our eye moist.

Sometimes during surgery, or after repeated surgeries, like in your case the goblet cells get disturbed. This leads to reduced mucin production and dry eye.

Also post cataract surgery some patients have Dry Eye for upto 3-4 months post surgery which is quite normal.

I suggest you to use lubricants like Systane Ultra or Refresh Tears 4-5 times a day in both eyes for 1 month and see the difference. I am sure you will be much better.

Kindly tell me how you feel after 1 month. Also get back to me for anything !


Dr Jay Goyal

Retina Consultant
Surya Eye Institute - Mumbai.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I think you may have misunderstood my question. I had a detached retina in July 2013. Had surgery including laser and a buckle. I developed a cataract from that and had it removed Jan 22nd 2014. About a week later I noticed flickering in my vision, mostly in the surgery eye. I saw my retina Dr. and he said I am having symptoms of a ocular migraine, and the retina is fine. I do not have a headache I feel like it happens when I wake up and it is something to do with the light adjustment. Please advise what this could be.Also what is the chance of getting a detached retina in my other eye? Can it be detected early and  be taken care of in an easier way before it gets to the stage of requiring such extensive surgery?
I appreciate you time.

Oh Ok !

Well sometimes a flicker in vision after a retinal surgery is normal. As long as your retina is normal, there shouldn't be anything to worry about. The best person to tell you that will be the Retina Surgeon who operated you.  

Also in regards to the other eye, there definitely are ways to prevent detachment of the Retina.

1. please get a complete check up done form a retina specialist. Ask him to look at the periphery for any weak areas, lattice etc.

2. You may do get a prophylactic Ultrasound B-Scan done.

3. If everything is ok, you must get your retina checked every 3-4 months or immediately if you notice any increase in flashes, floaters etc.

4. Till then i would suggest you to relax and use the drops as I have advised. That should help you.  

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