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For most of my life (I am 19 now), I've considered myself to have amber eyes. Recently, however, I've noticed that one eye appears to be a different, more hazel-y/greenish color than the other (photo attached). At first I thought maybe I was just seeing things (no pun intended), but other people have said that they, too, can see a discrepancy in color, so it seems that isn't just a trick of the light or anything like that. Can you, as a professional, see a difference in color? Do I have different colored eyes and, if so, what does that mean?
Thank you!

P.S. The photo was taken directly under light, so there shouldn't be shadows or anything affecting color.

Dear Maddi,

Yes, I can see that one eye is slightly lighter than the other (as in the image sent). Though not obvious unless pointed out.

Many do have very different eye coluring and this is not unusual. it is even got a medical term- "Heterochromia Iridium".

Color in the eye is due to a pigment called 'melanin'. this may not be in the same proportion in both eyes. The reason is most often hereditary, unless there is history of injury or some diseases.

Having heterochromia may not mean that you have a disease but it is good to get checked out by your doctor just to make sure.

Hope this helps,

Anand Shroff

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