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Well, my Dad had two cataract surgeries 12 to 15 months ago and prior to that he had worn glasses his entire life, or close to it.  He's 71.  He can see just fine now and in fact really good, as his cataract surgeries went very well.

Over the last three months he has been having a sensation of being dizzy throughout most of the day and night and even though it's somewhat subtle, it never seems to go away and it does have its spikes.  It makes it hard for my Dad to do even simple tasks.

He saw an ENT specialist and they said that everything was fine.  Then yesterday, he saw his eye doctor again and he also said that everything was fine and they ran multiple eye tests.  He in fact said that the surgeries went extremely well and for my Dad not to see him again for another year.

Should I now rule out that the cataract surgeries may be a cause to my father having every-day dizziness, just because his eye doctor thought that everything looked 100%?  That would seem logical, but is there anything that the eye doctor could have missed, or maybe not tested for?

Thanks for any help with this issue.

Dear Michael.  In all likeliness , your dad dizziness has nothing to do with his successful cataract surgery, so long that there's no inflammation or infection - which the eye surgeon already ruled out . More likely the causes can be one if the following: low blood sugars ( hypoglycemia), low blood pressure ( hypotension), Miniers disease ( fluid build up in inner ear), sinus issues, or space occupying mass ( in which an MRI scan would be necessary ). Some are simply idiopathic for which no known or discovered cause has been determined.  My suggestion is to get another medical opinion BECAYSE dizziness us not normal.    Good luck.  Dr Berger

Mike.   How'd your dad make out?   Dizziness?  

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