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I'm 23 and I just moved into the second floor apartment of a duplex in an old building, and I found out that my downstairs neighbors are indoors packs-a-day smokers and, unfortunately, I can always smell when theyíre smoking because itís a drafty, old house. For the past week that Iíve been there, Iíve woken up with red, irritated, tired eyes, dry-yet-congested sinuses, and a scratchy, raw upper throat. I also just feel overall run-down and tired everyday. Iím assuming this must be because of the smoke fumes, but itís driving me crazy. Is there any meds/or tricks to alleviate whatever the heck is going on in my eyes? I took my inhaler, used Zaditor eye drops after I took out my contacts, and popped an Allegra before bed, but nothing changed how I felt this morning or even later today. HELP! I feel awful and I canít move for another few months.

Hi Bar,
That's a tough one.  I would suggest a humidifier and air filter by the bedside and stay hydrated. Drafts from outside would be better than interior smoke influx, so try to block air from the apt building from getting into your room by plugging vents, cracks under doors, etc. You can add ointment into your eye at bedtime and use warm water in the morning to cleanse the gunk out.  Use non preserved eye lubricating ointment from the store. Best of luck, I hope you can do some of those things and it helps.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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