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For most of my life (I am 19 now), I've considered myself to have amber eyes. Recently, however, I've noticed that one eye appears to be a different, more hazel-y/greenish color than the other (photo attached). It's not a huge difference, but other people have said that they, too, can see a discrepancy in color. I did a Google search for 'different colored eyes' and learned that there is something called heterochromia- is this what is making my eyes seem to be different colors/do I have this condition? Or am I just seeing things (no pun intended)?
Thank you!

P.S. The photo was taken directly under light, so there shouldn't be shadows or anything affecting color.

Hi Maddi,
The term heterochromia just means different color, it isn't anything else.  The question then becomes why is it happening. There are some possible reasons, like if you use certain glaucoma eye medicine or Latisse type eyelash medicine that can darken an iris.  Also there are some eye conditions that lighten an eye color. I would just go to an eye doctor and explain the concern and have the eyes examined looking for anything that could be associated with the lightening eye color of your left eye.  
Thanks for the good question and pic.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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