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Respected Sir,
         My  elder brother had undergone CATARACT SURGERY IN RIGHT EYE BY PHACO,but developed some problem in Retina like a sudden increase in  floaters.Actually this thing happen in 2-3% unfortunate cases as per Eye Institute),although there may not be any problem in operation.He has also some cataract problem in the other eye.Here the Doctors have different views.As the already operated eye is still not normal and is being attended some are opining to postpone the operation till the operated eye is normal,while others are suggesting to go for the operation in the other eye.
  My question is that as the other eye is still not in risky stage whether INORDINATE DELAY /WITHHOLDING OPERATION may cause more trouble.How long should we wait

Hi Kalyan,

There is no relation between the 2 eyes. Surgery for both eyes is independent.

If cataract problem in other eye is not severe, I suggest to wait till the first eye settles down.

Even if you go ahead with cataract surgery it is not going to cause any harm.

You can decide.


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