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Hello Doctor,

I'm 28yo female.

I've been under horrible stress for the past 4-5 months. I suffer from Generalized anxiety and Health anxiety. In the last 1-2 months I've started having tension headaches and insomnia/hypersomnia so my eyes often feel tired and painful. So do my eyebrows area and my temples.

Around 2-3 weeks ago I had some sharp pains in my right temple & behind my right eye, which lasted for just a few seconds each time. I got them once after changing the position of my head, once when I was chewing and once after I was propping my chin against my hand. Then they disappeared and I haven't had any pain there for 2 weeks now. Only mild temple tension headache like usual. I assumed the sharp pain was TMJ-related pain because it happened when I was chewing and I tend to clench my teeth when I sleep because of stress.

Today though I noticed 2 noticeable purplish veins at the exterior corner of my right eye, both on the underside of my lid. If I pull the corner of my eye away and a bit upwards I can see them. I remember I noticed one of them a couple of weeks ago but now a new one has appeared! The newer one is more obvious and longer than the other (it probably continues behind the eyeball). They are both thin, under 1mm max in thickness and not bulging or anything, but they are purplish and easily noticeable. I am 100% sure that none of them were there at the beginning of March. I have none on my left eye's lid either.

I got really scared and I'm thinking of a tumor now that's pressing on my veins. I suffer from debilitating hypochondria and this symptom is all I needed :(

I had a cervical MRI done at last year at the beginning of December and it captured much of my eye & brain area as well and everything looked normal, but that was 4 months ago.

Any idea if these veins can be a consequence of stress, insomnia, extended computer use, high blood pressure or eyestrain -instead of some monstrous cause? My blood pressure has been very high at times because of my anxiety (up to 170/100).

Should I be very worried about something bad?

Thank you!

It sounds like the dilated ocular veins are
The least of your problems you need to see A neurologist for the persistent chronic headaches , migraine ,tension ,anxiety , and an oral surgeon for the TMJ symptoms while chewing . if you're very concerned about the dilated vein in your eyes then you need to see an  ophthalmologist, but most likely , these prominent veins will dissipate when your blood pressure is controlled (170/100 is way too high) and your anxiety level goes down . hope this helps  . Dr Berger

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