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I had laser surgery 3 weeks ago for a torn retina. it all started with floaters and flashes which I still have. one floater is situated so that the same eye's vision is impaired until it moves which is not often.
I called the office to tell them that I still have some flashes at night and what would be the recuperating time. They told me everyone is different but no time frame was given to me. So is it weeks, months or years??
Please explain or tell me that what I am experiencing is normal. My 2nd follow up is not until April 16th.
thank you for your response.

Hi Denise,

Having floaters after laser surgery is quite normal. You can observe. If you feel they have increased of there is decrease in vision, you should not wait till 16th April and go see your doctor immediately.

If they are settling then relax. Some of it is normal.


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