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This past Friday I took my 2 almost 3 year old (she turns 3 in August) in for an eye exam because my 6 year old was just recently diagnosed as being farsighted with amblyopia in her right eye here is her prescription od +5.00, -.50, 012 os +3.00.  The place that I took her to suggested that I go ahead and have my youngest brought in because amblyopia runs on my side of the family and my husbands side of the family.  Pre dilation her auto refractor reading was +1.50 in both eyes and right eye -.75 and left eye -1.75.  After dilation they were unable to get the auto refractor to read her so the doctor we saw did it manually.  All she told me was that she is a +3.00 in her right and her left eye isn't even a full diopter higher.  she also said that she has astigmatism but didn't say which eye (I'm going to guess it's her left eye since it's a little on the higher side) and that it was with in normal range.  At first she wanted to see her back in 6 months but after asking when she was going to be 3 she changed the next visit to on or right after her 3rd birthday.  I am a little concerned with these numbers and with my oldest having amblyopia that went undetected for so long it worries me that my youngest will develop amblyopia due to the astigmatism.  Should I get a second opinion or am I just over reacting due to my oldest daughters diagnosis?

Thank you so much for your time!!

Dear Victoria.   Amblyopia often times indeed runs in families as hyperopia and  myopia .  Amblyopia needs to
Be diagnosed and treated before age 7 if vision is to be restored to normal or
Near normal  levels . Treatment consists of eyeglasses, eye patching, vision training or visual rehabilitation, eyedrops      Dr Berger  

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