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My son is 5 years & 8 months old. Although he doesn't complain of any eye problem, for an over all check-up we got his eye testing done for the first time. The doctor checked through various different ways including dilating, and found that he has power. After 2 days again he was checked for his correct power and the power prescribed by the doctor is:
For right eye:
Nil(SPH), +1.0(CYL), 80deg(AXIS), 6/9(VA)
For left eye:
-0.5(SPH), +1.75(CYL), 90deg(AXIS), 6/9(VA).
He has been told to wear the respective glasses throughout the day, specifically when in school, reading, doing home-work, watching TV. But not necessary if he's moving around or playing.
On asking the doctor, whether the power can be corrected fully if he wears regularly, the doctor says that with age, the + power can be corrected, but - power generally keeps increasing with age, so possibility is he may have to use glasses forever.
Can you please throw light on this observation for a second opinion? Also i want to know, isn't it too early to wear glasses. What i have been knowing is that the cornea muscles get stronger day by day for a child as he grows, so their eye-sight keep improving as they become toddler.
Please suggest.

Dear Papiya,

I can understand your concern. Firstly, do not worry. This is a very common problem in today’s times with more Game Boys and Video Games and TV compared to earlier times of outdoor sports.  It simply means your child having to use a spectacle correction, even though it may seem a huge number to you.
The methodology of checkup sounds correct.

The most important thing is to see an ophthalmologist regularly, preferably one that sees children.

LASIK or Laser procedures (which would correct such powers) is not advisable in childhood but only after the physical growth is complete so that there are no changing numbers. This is usually after age 18 years.
Until then, your child needs to be cajoled into wearing the glasses regularly so as to not compromise the lines of sight or vision or develop a lazy or amblyopic eye while growing up. We help you with that as well.
Your child can plan on wearing contact lenses in teens and we can plan a
Permanent correction with laser technology when older (18 years plus).
What his exact power will be at 18 years, is not predictable for anyone, just as one cannot predict his exact height or weight at this age!
Till then you will have to work on your child to use glasses regularly, go for regular eye checks and keep the records safely.
You can also try eye exercises (though there is no research committing to their benefits completely, but no harm either). These are available on our website www.shroffeye.org.
Hope this information helps,
You can keep me posted on the progress.

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