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Hello I recently got new glasses and they are making my eyes feel sore/stinging after some hours of wearing them. They do not fit tight and I have had them adjusted perfectly. The prescription is also the same it has always been. The only difference is I use to wear Silhouette Rimless glasses which are very light and the new glasses are the plastic Rayban frames. I'm thinking that I'm not use to the slightly more heavy frames but my face does not hurt it is only the eyes. Do you have any idea what the problem could be. Thanks for your time.

If everything is the same, I guess it could be the frame. Make sure the lens brand/model/material and alignment of the optics are also the same, not just the doctors Rx. It's easy to be spoiled by those Silhouettes. Usually we tell you to remember to blink and use lubricating drops.  I guess you could go back to the old glasses and be sure they really are the difference, rather than something new about your eyes that's a coincidence with getting new glasses.
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