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  I am 61 and my vision went cloudy and I went to the eye doctor and I have cataracts that need out.  But the doctor also said I have borderline macular degeneration.  I know the macular degeneration is bad but what does he mean by "borderline".  Does that mean it may not ever happen or is there something to stop it from happening?

Hi Dan,
'borderline' isn't a true medical diagnostic term used for macular degen, but the meaning he is trying to communicate is that there are some mild signs of it but nothing bad and nothing to treat.  However, he should certainly tell you to eat a diet and probably take vitamins targeting macular degen people.  there's tons of info on the internet about eating a diet rich in multicolored fruits and veggies, taking an 'eye vitamin' and most important of all don't smoke.
You should talk more to your doctor if you didn't get much info and don't understand what he meant by borderline.
Thanks for asking, you'll probably be very happy to be rid of the cataracts.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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