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Dear Dr Anand Shroff,
My son 13 year old  is having myopia with -5.25 with cylinder of -1.0 right eye and -4.25 with cylinder of -0.5 left eye. His number has progressed in last six month by 1.5 in both eyes. Whether he is a candidate for Ortho k lenses . Whether it will stop or slow the progression of number.
Please help.

Dear Rajesh,

Thank you for your query. Although this is out of my expertise, because I do not advocate this procedure, I shall help with some relevant information.

The reason why we do not advocate this method?
Because there is no significant scientific data to support that this method stops the progress of Myopia. Further, as your son grows and the shape of the eyes changes internally, this method cannot stop this change and when you stop this treatment, the Myopia rebounds back, faster.

Further in children there are two other important factors:-
1. Hygiene of maintaining the lenses since there is a high risk of infection
2. Discomfort and unclear vision by the end of the day with dryness of eyes

Most of the sites writing about Ortho K lenses are more in terms of marketing. You can speak to a specialist regarding your child, however, the above are my personal reservations.

Please also read the following link on an adults experience with Ortho K, although it is not negative, it does throw light on the practical issues faced by an individual.


I can understand your concern. Firstly, do not worry. This is a very common problem in today’s era with more Game Boys and Video Games and TV compared to earlier times of outdoor sports.  
The most important thing is to see your ophthalmologist regularly.

Your child needs to be cajoled into wearing the glasses regularly or can plan on wearing simple contact lenses and can plan a Permanent correction with LASIK or laser technology when older (18 years plus).
Till then you will have to work on your child to use glasses regularly, go for regular eye checks and keep the records safely.
You can also try eye exercises (though there is no research committing to their benefits completely, but no harm either). These are available on our website www.shroffeye.org.
Hope this information helps,
You can keep me posted on the progress.

Dr Anand Shroff, MS (OPHTH), FICS

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